Challenge #03696-J043: Scrounged Family

How do you determine who is family?

It's not by blood.

It's a simple thing, really.

Who are you willing to fight for, to die for, and protect?

Who makes you happy every time you see them?

Who worries of you, and holds your hand if you're in need?

Those are your family. -- Anon Guest

Charity Mudbarak never had much of a home. Nor that much of an example of parental behaviour. What he remembered was the others in the mud barracks. Other scrawny kids like himself. Some died, some left, few stayed. They needed someone on their side. So he stayed.

They depended on the kindness of strangers, which was a lot to ask of the strangers. These sorts of things simply happened to Unwelcome People in a city as large as Vingate.

What they depended on more were things like: Charity's defensive strengths, Prank's traps, Plenitude's ability to grow good food out of anything, and Trickery's light-fingered ability to find things before they were lost. They were never strong, not in the sense of changing the world, but they were strong enough to live in it.

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