Challenge #03855-J203: Dragon, Curse, Knight

I realize that I am a dragon and they are a human. But I will raise this infant like they were my own. I found them lost, filthy, starving, and alone. I'm not willing to risk them ending up that way again. -- Anon Guest

This is my child. I will guard hir and guide hir. I will protect hir and teach hir. Of course I committed to feeding hir and keeping hir clean. It is not easy, but it is my choice.

I did not think it was a choice at the time.

As a Dragon, it is important to stay away from large settlements. Unless that settlement actually welcomes you. It's a simple matter of survival, after all. Too many heroes want to gain their vainglory through slaying a dangerous and threatening dragons. I gained my mountain and kept it free of Dire Beasts. Little villages nearby paid me no mind. Not one of them confessed to leaving my little Xarxys in my hunting grounds.

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