Saturday, Parkrun and The Barbie Movie

The planned shenanigans had the plan implode so the four of us [Beloved, Adorable, Miss Chaos, and I] zipped off to see Barbie starring Margot Robbie.

My recommend: WATCH. IT.

It's meta and philosophical and heartwarming and hilarious and it doesn't even matter that Will "I was hot shit on Saturday Night Live" Farrel is in it. As a character, he's effectively useless and just is there to draw in the SNL fanboys. Strictly IMHO.

It's also got some very subversive things to say about gender politics and capitalism despite, and perhaps because it's about a very feminine doll icon.

I am now a very tired bean, but I am staying awake long enough to render my offerings and then it's napnap time.

Let's goooooooo...