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::Cue William Tell But Not Really::

Today, I am driving to the other side of the world Brisbane to fetch MeMum so we can have her over for Christmas day.

This comes on the heels of a disturbed night because this years' seemingly traditional Yule Disaster(tm) has happened to Capt. S.

The family is taking steps, because this one looks like a gold class clusterfuck that could have only been solved as it happened, and nobody got the memo as it was happening. I'm under orders to maintain radio silence until after Jan 1 so stay tuned.

Jan 1 also happens to be the day I'm taking a hike up to Tullagawoopwoop to visit my Friendo for a week, so I'll probably dish the dirt on Jan 2.

I am trying to focus on the Instant for this morning and then I'm off. On a long-arse trip there and back again. On wet roads. During Christmas Eve.

I know I'm driving Zen. It's the other idiots I have to watch out for.

Good vibes appreciated, folks. Good vibes definitely appreciated.

Round Round, Run Around...

I haven't had much time for my usual slack-a-thon, lately. My activities on Tuesday consisted of (a) writing and (b) finally purchasing the scrattle necessary to build up a stock for EGDB. The process for which included some last-instant additions and two hours of Beloved not getting back to me about the sureness of the expense.

Beloved forgot, once again, that I am very nervous about spending three figures on myself. Especially when it's something that can backfire so very spectacularly like

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