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Tuesday, Payday, Shopping, and Supply Run

We shall have money today. Hooray. We need to pay for so much stuff. Boo. We've run out of a lot of things and stocking up is going to be a BITCH.

BUT it also has to be done. I can only hope that we can afford a little more than the minimums because running out of that before payday hurts me in the anxiety.

I'm keeping an eye on our bank account and hoping to all higher powers that the money gets there before the shops shut.

We are out of cat food. We are almost out of kitty litter. I am definitely out of things I could easily eat. We need eggs, we need vegetables, we need sauces, we may even need meat.

Mayhem has offered to help cook me some keto-friendly foods and I am grateful. My personal impetus to cook is reduced to zero.

I'm ready to launch, but waiting for the funds to do the things.

So I shall go onwards with my offerings and hope for the best.

Saturday, Parkrun and The Barbie Movie

The planned shenanigans had the plan implode so the four of us [Beloved, Adorable, Miss Chaos, and I] zipped off to see Barbie starring Margot Robbie.

My recommend: WATCH. IT.

It's meta and philosophical and heartwarming and hilarious and it doesn't even matter that Will "I was hot shit on Saturday Night Live" Farrel is in it. As a character, he's effectively useless and just is there to draw in the SNL fanboys. Strictly IMHO.

It's also got some very subversive things

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Date Night, and Revelations

Yesterday, I finished Chapter 280. All I needed to do was have half an hour away from the temptation of Dwarf Fortress.

So that's what I'm trying today.

After I write this blog, I shall have to leave to go shopping for essentials [cat food, tinned fish for the fam, more cream for my good self]

The kids have been on a tinned fish bender lately and supplies are running low.

So my day started with needing cream and graduated to a

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Friday, Shenanigans Afoot

I managed to wrangle a day for my Beloved to go visit MeMum and thereby sort out some tech issues that I could not unfuck on my own.

The problem with this is that it's also the day that Mum's offski to do shopping thanks to an Elderly Care Transit System.

So I have to be ready to take off at a time of convenience.

Which means that I will likely be working on my Starter on Sunday [Wilson the Wholemeal Starter

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Monday, Running About

I have to go to Costco to fetch TP, and while I'm there, I might as well do a cans run and pick up some Nori while I'm out.

And since I'm out anyway, I might as well go forth to the shops and fetch a few things for the fam.

But first, there's the Tale Foundry backup reads. Which will take a lot of the morning.

You might not see any story out of me until later in the evening.


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Friday, Scrum Time!

So. I have cleaned out the Catio. I have realised that I have the wrong size leggings for my winter activewear. We're also running very low on the tissues supply.

As a direct result, I am watching the clock and plotting to take off somewhere close to 9:30 so I can do Costco and the place where I can actually get activewear leggings in my size.

Pockets are a must.

I shall therefore be absent from my keyboard until I can

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Friday, Unfuckening

I did the open letter to the kids suffering under asinine laws allegedly "designed to protect children".

It's over here if you want to read it.

I'm still thinking about where to share it for maximum audience reach.

I'm about to go out and secure stuff for the cats. We're out of kitty litter and the catio needs unfuckening.

When I'm done with all of that, I shall be getting back to writing today's tale.

I'm offski. Let's get shit done.

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::Cue William Tell But Not Really::

Today, I am driving to the other side of the world Brisbane to fetch MeMum so we can have her over for Christmas day.

This comes on the heels of a disturbed night because this years' seemingly traditional Yule Disaster(tm) has happened to Capt. S.

The family is taking steps, because this one looks like a gold class clusterfuck that could have only been solved as it happened, and nobody got the memo as it was happening. I'm under orders to

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Round Round, Run Around...

I haven't had much time for my usual slack-a-thon, lately. My activities on Tuesday consisted of (a) writing and (b) finally purchasing the scrattle necessary to build up a stock for EGDB. The process for which included some last-instant additions and two hours of Beloved not getting back to me about the sureness of the expense.

Beloved forgot, once again, that I am very nervous about spending three figures on myself. Especially when it's something that can backfire so very spectacularly like

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