Things To Do

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Things to Do

I have a lot of HAM on my plate, today. Which includes a break of unspecified length to go get my car fixed up from the minor accident I had in Tullagawoopwoop.

That's happening at ten AM.

Since I have no idea how long it will take to repair, I'm planning on breaking HAM so I can work on novels-in-progress if it actually takes that long. Nevertheless, I am taking the lappy.

For today, HAM happens until 10, and then after ten.

My goals:

  • Today's Instant
  • Today's TAZ ficlet
  • 500 words in _B'Nar
  • Patreon Tuesday
  • Further education in Java
  • Further education in RPG Maker
  • Find the thing to play Flash content and stop where it does so I can resume SESP
  • Pay for it if necessary [it probably will be]
  • Car fix'd
  • Minimum of one episode of Oh My Mods in the can, if not scheduled for posting.

That's a lot. I didn't get around to editing Oh My Mods because when I was done with yesterday's work, I was DONE for the day. My priorities are public work then the private stuff and that should not change just because I have different shit to do.

I have less than three hours to do as much HAM as I can.

Yoiks and away...

There's something wrong with me

I did succeed in going to Suncorp and arranging for a card to arrive in 3-5 business days, and a PIN in a separate piece of mail. Huzzah. I also succeeded in doing two twenty-minute cleaning sessions in the kitchen disaster area.

Most of it was sorting out the stuff I can clean in the dishwasher versus the stuff that I have to hand-wash, but I do now have cleaner benchtops and a lot less rubbish just hanging around.

I also succeeded

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I'm ba-ack

Just as mysteriously as it failed, the LAN server in our home woke from the dead its long slumber and returned to duty.

I celebrated by bingeing on Forensics Files and not arting.

I simply must make myself return to arting. Inertia does me no favours when I'm standing still. I can plausibly finish the second-level sketch of Hatchworth (he is so very hard to draw ;_;) whilst I'm waiting for a parcel to turn up.

Heck, I can even play that Chess

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What to do if someone is silly enough to buy you an XBox One

I don’t intend on buying one, but my best beloved is one of those people who goes after shiny things, so…

Here’s the idea. Anyone who can figure out nasty ways to sabotage the nefarious edge to the X-box One is free to reblog and add their nasty ideas. The more heinous the better. The goal, of course, is to make Microsoft realize that spying on its clientele is a really bad idea.

If Someone is Silly

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