There's something wrong with me

I did succeed in going to Suncorp and arranging for a card to arrive in 3-5 business days, and a PIN in a separate piece of mail. Huzzah. I also succeeded in doing two twenty-minute cleaning sessions in the kitchen disaster area.

Most of it was sorting out the stuff I can clean in the dishwasher versus the stuff that I have to hand-wash, but I do now have cleaner benchtops and a lot less rubbish just hanging around.

I also succeeded in getting to an emotional point in Rael where the titular character is about to express their anxiety. Which may be a contributing stressor for me.

What I haven't been doing is art.

And I'm not feeling all that energetic, this morning. Possibly as a direct result of all of the above. When next I settle down to listen to some vinyl, I shall reach for the tablet and not the laptop, and work on that first frame of the Sleep Evil Sleep project.

Today, I should be getting something delivered to the new post office drop-box setup they have now. Which would give me the perfect excuse to rattle out and get some things put into the dry cleaners at long firkin last. If said delivery was happening today. That's tomorrow. I'm just gonna have to take it up today, anyway, because dinner is going to need some fresh veggies.

Which gives me more time to 20/10 the kitchen, and a window of opportunity to get some slow rowing in.

...yeah, I haven't been exercising, either.

And if you're wondering about 20/10... it's 20 minutes of cleaning and 10 minutes of rest. And it's super-effective, even when you're an immobile sod like me and hike off to listen to an entire LP for their "ten".

Fuck it. I need some 'me time'.

Sure, I usually enjoy writing, but there's moments when it's emotionally draining. Just like talking to strangers, doing stuff I've never done before - but am expected to do as a grown-arse adult, and driving on a Leyland's Tour through about 80% of Caboolture and the Red Rivers Shire.

I think I need an entire day of just slouching about and cuddles.

Erastide is coming up, and I, for one, have NO FIRKIN IDEA how to make this fun for my little darlings. Mayhem is old enough to appreciate cold hard cash, but Chaos still loves shiny trinkets. And the plastic, fillable eggs don't have room enough for your average dollar-shop gimcrackery. I might have to get... creative.

I have chocolate moulds. Perhaps Beloved and I can make some of our own choccies with Stevia [and cocoa fat and cocoa nibs of course] so that we have some actual keto-approved indulgences for Erastide. Or for post-Erastide, when all the sugary stuff has to leave, but the keto stuff can stay.

BUT - Beloved is in the tool-building stage at work and all their energy and brainpower is going into building tools, and building tools to build other tools... it's a slog. So we're both drained and often too tired to do much else.


So much to do. So little battery power to do it with.

On the other hand, I am used to dragging myself around no matter how little battery power I have, so that's some use of those experience points. No matter how much it sucks.

Tired or not, inertia'd or not... things must be done.