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Lo Batt Shenanigans

I was at Lo Batt, yesterday. A fraction of my general energy. And most of that is due to mucous.

Funny how having goop in your tubes causes you to not breathe properly.

But despite the Lo Batt status, I still managed to do all the firkin washing up and get a dinner on. I didn't have the energies to go shopping for supplies.

Knowing this, I messaged my lifemate. The love of my lifetime. Co-parental to our children. My Best-Beloved. To secure said supplies for me. And maybe a real easy dinner.

Time passes. I trust. I wait.

It's wall time. I give Chaos the task of prepping dinner and hope for the best. We have to improvise something (it turned out real good, actually) and call it a night.

The kids go to sleep.

I go to sleep.

Radio firkin silence from Beloved. Which is really really annoying.

Today, though, having horked up roughly a quarter cup of chunks [not an actual measurement, dear readers. I'm not adulterating my measuring cups for this shit] in the wee small hours, I actually have more access to oxygen, today.

Therefore, after the Brat Run, I shall be taking an excursion to the local shops for essential supplies, an easy dinner, and maybe something to help me with this gorram bug.

I may chew out Beloved later. It looks like they had a long and frustrating night.

Lo Batt Warning

I have barely had time for myself, of late. I have had time to turn around and fart, but it's been in little patches. I need a "me day", but I also need to unfuck the house, bark the kids into order, write the things, and sort other things out.

It's kind of exhausting.

I need a space to recharge, but there's just no window of opportunity before next weekend.

Which means, emotionally speaking, I'm running on fumes until then. Five days

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There's something wrong with me

I did succeed in going to Suncorp and arranging for a card to arrive in 3-5 business days, and a PIN in a separate piece of mail. Huzzah. I also succeeded in doing two twenty-minute cleaning sessions in the kitchen disaster area.

Most of it was sorting out the stuff I can clean in the dishwasher versus the stuff that I have to hand-wash, but I do now have cleaner benchtops and a lot less rubbish just hanging around.

I also succeeded

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Milestones and Procrastination

I've hit a new low, today! 88.5 kilos, hooray. And I have Sardine Pizza to thank for it.

Yes, it's one of my dietary abominations. Take one $3 pizza from Aldi's, and two tins of Golden Circle sardines. Add the sardines to the pizza, garnish with mushrooms and cheese, and bake according to the pizza box instructions.

Since the Golden Circle sardines are super big, this pizza is super-filling, and I only had two slices of this abomination and it kept

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You ever have one of those days where everything and everyone seems to be conspiring against you to make sure every last one of your plans fucks up? Even the very elements of nature seem to be against you.

That's been my entire week.

The beads I thought were fine - aren't. If I want to pump out earrings at any speed, I have to delay by making my own pins out of the aforementioned scary thin wire. Which means I have

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::inchoate groan::

There is not enough coffee in my house to help me deal with today. There may not be enough coffee in the shops to help me deal with today. The world... might have enough coffee to help me deal with today.


Because I firkin woke up at midnight and had spotty sleep thereafter. Which does not do a damn thing to assist in my feelings towards peace, love, or your average mung bean.

That on top of the trip there and

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Changes and PLNs

I shaved my head, today. I just couldn't stand another minute of having swampy hair in the humid atmosphere of a Queensland Summer. Most of the stubble is my natural hair colour. Weird little patches, here and there, are the bright orange that I used to sport.

No longer. A deep, violent red is cheaper by the job lot, so that's going to be my new hue until such time as something cheaper comes along.

I may have to pay someone to

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Summer's back

Beautiful sunny day plus sweltering humidity equals I really should have gone on my walk nearer to dawn.


I'm sweating up a storm, my hair is a swamp, and today's walk reduced my personal batteries to the red zone.

All I can focus on is what I need and what I currently can't afford because no spare money.

I need orthopaedic sandals made for plantar fasciatus, because my feet are getting beyond swampy, too. Also I need footwear just to be

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Tough slog

New Years is still kicking me in the butt, alas. The nibbling I should have done yesterday just... didn't happen.

Other things got done. Things that needed to happen, of course, because I've been waiting for said happening for the better part of a year - if not more. For instance, the jade plant I inherited part of from my grandad finally has its own garden bed.

This plant is practically unkillable. It's gone from growing in front of his house, to

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I made it. Sweat-drenched and out of breath, but I made it. For the record, I made it partially into vertex 6 before I needed the puffer. But just barely.

And I forgot my preventer again. Rotten night, horrible sleep because Beloved was up late working on their side-job, slept in until ten past five. I'm now late for everything.

And I'm currently out of spoons to chase the kids around.

It's going to be an "interesting" morning.

I also have to

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The big hump

Depression-inspired whining below the cut.

So I’m nearing the end of KFZ. I should be glad, right?  I should be over the moon.

But no. I’m terrified. I’m nauseated. I’m… sucked dry.

It’s like the atmosphere is ten times thicker than it should be, but only for me. It’s hard to breathe and it’s hard to want to breathe. It’s hard to inspire myself to do anything. Even lifting my hands to type

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3:23 PM

[X] Brats to school
[X] Day job
[x] annoying as fuck side-quest to get fuel at great detriment to my budget
[X] Fetch Quest part 1
[X] Fetch Quest part 2
[X] Instant story
[X] 500 words
[X] Brats safely home
[X] Evening meal

The last one is planned. Mayhem is doing the cooking.

Please excuse me while I rack off and do things that require zero brain investment.

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