Summer's back

Beautiful sunny day plus sweltering humidity equals I really should have gone on my walk nearer to dawn.


I'm sweating up a storm, my hair is a swamp, and today's walk reduced my personal batteries to the red zone.

All I can focus on is what I need and what I currently can't afford because no spare money.

I need orthopaedic sandals made for plantar fasciatus, because my feet are getting beyond swampy, too. Also I need footwear just to be able to stand standing in the shower. I need pants that actually fit. I need new jeans for winter because the holes I thought were minimal were actually firkin huge.

I need motivation to do the nibbling when I'm at low batt or at least a family member willing to help me nibble. So far, results have been poor.

I need to unfuck my wardrobe and Beloved's wardrobe so we only have a small, manageable selection of things we wear on a regular basis.

But what does Beloved want to do? Rip up the bedroom floor so they can replace that one floorboard that's annoying them. If it comes with the floor being finished, I can deal. Because THEN we can plan to get a carpenter in to unfuck the shelving situation in the wardrobe.

And, of course, I need air con in this office because it's not yet nine in the morning and I'm already roasting in my own juices.

Yet another thing we can't afford, yet need.

It's this sort of thing that gets me depressed. So many needs, so little ability to actually pay for them.