Changes and PLNs

I shaved my head, today. I just couldn't stand another minute of having swampy hair in the humid atmosphere of a Queensland Summer. Most of the stubble is my natural hair colour. Weird little patches, here and there, are the bright orange that I used to sport.

No longer. A deep, violent red is cheaper by the job lot, so that's going to be my new hue until such time as something cheaper comes along.

I may have to pay someone to put it in, alas. Much though I prefer dyeing by my own hand, the results are spotty when it comes to regrowth.

Today, I will be getting the kids' school supplies. With an option on lunchboxes.

I will wait until next payday to purchase shoes, socks and jocks. Just so we can afford to eat in between times.

I have definite plans to live of that which we have laid in until such time as we have reliable moneys. Our first experiments in that avenue haven't been that great. Teething trouble, perhaps. Beloved seems sure of it, but I am wont to be cautious.

Ah well. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I keep plugging on in the Eternal Nibbling. Getting my little darlings to help out is the big hurdle. Getting Beloved to help out is a hurdle somewhere around the height of Olympus Mons.

I shouldn't complain. Beloved is working on a whole bunch of potentially profitable programming, and that takes loads of tweaking. If I could get them to work on that widget we've been gassing about, I would be a little happier. I'm certain it would set my author page apart from all the others that are almost identically like it, right now.

Today, I will be chasing to get the floor done. When I'm done with the writing and school supplies, of course. It's high time our bedroom got finished.

And since the drawer unit is now being used for other things, I want to get one of those open, modular storage things so we can see what we have. Maybe a basket or two for socks and jocks. No more out-of-sight-out-of-mind for us. That sort of thing leads to... well. It leads to the enormous clusterfuck that we're currently trying to unfuck, to be honest.

Decluttering is going to be a pain in the arse for me. I'm a natural hoarder and that comes with an instinct to clutter. I have to resist.

It's for my own good.