::inchoate groan::

There is not enough coffee in my house to help me deal with today. There may not be enough coffee in the shops to help me deal with today. The world... might have enough coffee to help me deal with today.


Because I firkin woke up at midnight and had spotty sleep thereafter. Which does not do a damn thing to assist in my feelings towards peace, love, or your average mung bean.

That on top of the trip there and back to Maroochydore is not exactly the best thing for your larger than average 'Nutter.

Fortunately, my subconscious came up with some solutions to Chaos' hair problem. The short locks should behave if I do two braids. But I lost some of my hair tools, so I need to go out and get some more.

Good news: despite everything going on, yesterday, I have three pairs of flag prototypes done, and the beginnings of a process to streamline the making of the little fucks.

Bad news: I broke a seed bead in the final stages of one pin and had to wreck it in order to save the remaining beads.

Further bad news - some seed beads have holes too thin for the regular pins. Heck, some of the green ones are too narrow for my "scary thin" wire pins. I'm setting those aside for (a) experiments and (b) to send back to the manufacturer with a stern note.

Option B is for those beads that wouldn't work in an iron lung.

Fortunately, Ali Express saves my orders so I can look up who's responsible and send it back to them. At my own expense.

Meanwhile, I do what I can with what I got. I have four more prototypes to manufacture, the beginnings of a process, and enough plastic takeout containers to choke a horse.

I should unearth some of my old baby food containers for the rejects. I only have so much space for everything. All my elbow room is currently dominated by firkin boxes.


I barely have the spoons to make it through today.