Sleep Issues

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Tuesday, Very Good Sleep

My love and I briefly woke in the usual early morning. I got my stretchies in, but then my Beloved started snoring, and I decided to just rest my eyes for a minute.

It's now almost 10:30 AM and I still haven't tormented my feet, fed the cats, nor got going on my daily offerings.

We're also planning to wander off for lunch at some point.

Expect my offerings later this evening. If they don't happen to happen, then there'll be two tomorrow plus the rant. Of which I have NO idea what I'm doing.

Honestly, taking a day in order to take it easy feels like a plan for today. If I happen to rest my eyes for another pace of hours, I won't mind.

As long as I'm okay, I'll keep going okay. Like most people watching Dungeon Meshi, I now have an internal greek chorus telling me how to look after myself.

Not doing so great on the good eating yet. My inspiration to cook is... low. I did manage a low-effort steak and mushroom soup last night. The reviews are good.

If you're interested:

  • ~250g diced steak
  • Small punnet sliced mushrooms
  • ~4 cups diced veg [I used a mix of broccoli, carrot, and cauliflower]
  • 2 liters mushroom stock

Bung it all in the slow cooker and set to automatic. Eat when all the mushrooms turn greyish.

Let's see what happens.

Long Monday, Sleeplessness Shenanigans

I didn't get a lot of sleep, last night. Or this morning. Thanks, Anxiety, for making sure I can only squeeze in four hours at a time.

Not helped by Beloved deciding she wanted to whirlwind the entire house JUST as I was trying to sleep. So I'm more than a little wrecked today.


So wrecked that I didn't blog or publish until now. Whoops.

I do not expect a lot out of myself on Mondays.

The most I plan on

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Saturday, Sleep Shenanigans

I have a D&D game tonight, and Mother's Day Shenanigans tomorrow. So I'm pulling dumb sleep tricks. Including deliberately missing the streams I normally tune in for because Meatspace Social Stuff.

Tomorrow's stream is happening at 5AM and I will be missing Tale Foundry's fic readings. Which is generally where I get the prompt reveal. When I don't cheat and check the vote in advance.

Except that the vote hasn't happened yet.

I'm nervous now.

BUT I also have starters

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Challenge #02498-F308: Sleepless With Sialith

They knew humans could last a long time without sleep, but most had regular sleep intervals. When choosing a new man, they heard he was very reliable, fiercely protective of whatever crew he served, and anyone who'd worked with him were more than a little disappointed when he would be reassigned. Things seemed to be working out fine, until they noticed he was sleeping a lot less than most humans, but when he did, he crashed hard! So much so it was

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Cash Retrieval

I had saved $2K in assorted fundage, and my Beloved still owes me $4K from some past bail-outs.

Today, market willing, I hope to get $1K of it back from the markets. Otherwise, I wait for the markets to be favourable.

Also, I'm keeping watch on Apple to see if that new lappy is coming out. It's actually favourable for me to wait, because the price might slump a little.

I waited half a year for this firkin thing. I can likely

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::static noise::

Beloved is home and sleeping it off. I wish I could be that lucky or that able to follow suit.

The best option I have is caffeine. Which sort of works okay, I guess. But ceases working long about 5PM. But I should be done with the important stuff by then and honestly - who cares that my sleep cycle is broken and needs new tyres?


Sleep aids have to be herbal, dear readers. My biology is such that if I

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So I irrevocably woke at 1AM today.

It's going to be nasty.

I need to do my monetary fetch quest for cash before I'm too tired to drive. It's cleaning day. I have a sore throat. I have asthma because too many sugary treats are just lying around in the open and I have the self control of a hyperactive toddler.

I need to work on that.


Today IS the day that I make an actual conscious effort to use the

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Bad start

I got up before my alarm. Yay. I posted the latest installment of Babes in the Woods. Yay.

I have also procrastinated for three solid hours. Boo.

On the plus side, I don't have a huge amount of work to do today, IF I don't have to haul Mayhem across country to Banyo. Just fetching him in the afternoon is fine? But going there and back twice just about wrecks me.

I need coffee.

The worst thing about my sleep issues is:

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Chedule change, wheeee

Today is a cleaning day. Because something went agley, I have no doubt.

I managed to cook up a very nice soup that got firkin vaccuumed up by the little darlings. And now I must ponder what to do for dinner tonight. That's cheap. And easy.

Because my sleep issues continueth.

I woke up at somewhere near midnight despite having some soothing tea and white noise on. Fitful sleep from there until long about five in the AM.

I am going to

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All Hallows Day

Today is the day of little-known saints, random acts of kindness, and if you were out on the streets last night, sugar hangovers.

Miss Chaos had fun, and possibly too much sugar. The leftovers are tucked away for the next Unsuitable Food Friday. And I can only hope that my darling little brats don't sneak too much between then and now.

Today, three more chapters of the novel-in-progress go up on my Patreon and you can sign up to see that happening

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Slow start

Since nobody gets out of bed before 5:30 anyway, I'm re-setting my alarm to that time and not waking up early for half an hour of heartbreaking inertia. And that's all I have this morning. Inertia has me in its wicked claws today.

I woke up at around 3 and tried and failed to get back to sleep. A combo of Beloved's snoring and the various little annoying lights in the room kept me awake. The phone makes the body lotion

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::inchoate groan::

There is not enough coffee in my house to help me deal with today. There may not be enough coffee in the shops to help me deal with today. The world... might have enough coffee to help me deal with today.


Because I firkin woke up at midnight and had spotty sleep thereafter. Which does not do a damn thing to assist in my feelings towards peace, love, or your average mung bean.

That on top of the trip there and

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Payday! And other inconveniences

Made you look. The inconveniences of payday are that we have to pay all our outstanding bills before we get on with the business of paying for food and treats. Which is downright depressing.

BUT it's also going to keep us alive and chugging along, so whatever.

I'm thinking about adding a regular payment to my Dreams Fund so I'm not so frelling disheartened by it all, all the time. If I can just keep my hands off of it for consecutive

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Today's the day!

In just a few moments, I will be putting thought to words for my one thousand and second story. I have beat Scheherazade.

So of firkin course I've woken at 2AM and am in sore need of caffeine.

My sleep cycle needs training wheels. And my coffee needs so much sugar that I'll definitely loose my teeth. Argh.

Fuckit. I'm getting a cuppa.

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It's not FAIR!

I did everything right.

I took my sleep-aid.
I had my relax-o-tron on.
I made certain I was comfortable.
I knew I was tired…


It is NOT fair.

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