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Payday! And other inconveniences

Made you look. The inconveniences of payday are that we have to pay all our outstanding bills before we get on with the business of paying for food and treats. Which is downright depressing.

BUT it's also going to keep us alive and chugging along, so whatever.

I'm thinking about adding a regular payment to my Dreams Fund so I'm not so frelling disheartened by it all, all the time. If I can just keep my hands off of it for consecutive time periods, I might just get some things I can't regularly afford.

Which might include some helpful objects for my little darlings because otherwise, I won't be able to indulge with a clear conscience.

Who knows? In time, I might be able to afford a second Steam Powered Giraffe experience. Ah, to dream.

Speaking of dreams... I've been keeping track of my early wakings, and three out of four incidents of early waking have been due to my dreams. Apparently my subconscious is a way more interesting place than reality.

And, for the record, it isn't nightmares. I've only had one nightmarish dream [I mislaid one of my eyes, but it wasn't scary] but the rest of them were either worry or, in the case of a dream where I was back in Tucson and talking to Steam Powered Giraffe, excitement.

I can fuck myself up in my sleep. I must be a wonder of the world.

I also have a new Kindle. Which is Beloved's old Kindle. I can now read ebooks without the risk of turning the page with my nose. But in the process of initialising the thing for my use, Beloved got to witness... [drumroll] The Fickle Finger.

People bad with plants have black thumbs. I... despite my studies in the field and the knowledge that such things shouldn't happen... have The Fickle Finger. With which I happen to utterly blight any piece of electronica that crosses my path.

It's like Newton Pulsifer in Good Omens. He has the reverse effect on electronics that he intends. Me? I just get an avalanche of Murphy's Law and things fucking up on me like they have never fucked up before.

Beloved has never had a problem with their initial Kindle. Five seconds after handing it over to me, we're getting every problem that it is possible to have with a Kindle. Up to and including the need to reboot the thing just to get it to obey a simple command.

The Fickle Finger, long blamed on my own eccentric grasp of reality, is real. Now all we need is for science to study the phenomenon. I blame my own magnetic field. I can, have, and will throw off compasses by as much as three degrees once they're in my hand. Whether it is cause or effect is something that might warrant further investigation.

If there's a scientist who wants to study the effect, please let me know. We can come to an arrangement.