Cash Retrieval

I had saved $2K in assorted fundage, and my Beloved still owes me $4K from some past bail-outs.

Today, market willing, I hope to get $1K of it back from the markets. Otherwise, I wait for the markets to be favourable.

Also, I'm keeping watch on Apple to see if that new lappy is coming out. It's actually favourable for me to wait, because the price might slump a little.

I waited half a year for this firkin thing. I can likely wait some more months. We'll see which comes first - my new lappy or the NBN phone line inspector.

That's right, dear readers. Today is the first day of the FOUR MONTH WINDOW that the nice people behind the NBN gave us. Looks like my cynical estimate of April, 2020 is likely to be a winner.

My cynical side is a bitch, sometimes, but I can make it pay off if I try hard enough.

Switching streams: since it's Friday, I only have one road trip that I have to take, BUT... since Beloved is coming down with Lurgi, I probably should get them loads of ginger ale. And we're nearly out of cream again, blablabla...

Plus cleaning. Plus having woken up at Fuckoff AM for no reason. AGAIN.

Today's going to be... interesting.