Chedule change, wheeee

Today is a cleaning day. Because something went agley, I have no doubt.

I managed to cook up a very nice soup that got firkin vaccuumed up by the little darlings. And now I must ponder what to do for dinner tonight. That's cheap. And easy.

Because my sleep issues continueth.

I woke up at somewhere near midnight despite having some soothing tea and white noise on. Fitful sleep from there until long about five in the AM.

I am going to scour the house for any leftover sleep aid herbal supplements. Maybe if I take some St. John's Wort with that tea, I might actually sleep until some rational number in the AM.

I hate being this tired and strung out.

Caffeine does me no favours during the day because anxiety and caffeine don't mix very well. And because of the sleep issues, I need caffeine to survive on the roads.


And now it's time to watch for Chaos' bus.