All Hallows Day

Today is the day of little-known saints, random acts of kindness, and if you were out on the streets last night, sugar hangovers.

Miss Chaos had fun, and possibly too much sugar. The leftovers are tucked away for the next Unsuitable Food Friday. And I can only hope that my darling little brats don't sneak too much between then and now.

Today, three more chapters of the novel-in-progress go up on my Patreon and you can sign up to see that happening for a kind donation of $15 per month. But if that's beyond your budget, never fear. There's plenty more for less than that. And you will see the content eventually.

Starting the week after I finish Rael, that novel enters the Beta-reading stage. And the chapters will filter down to the $1 donation mark.

The more you donate, the more you get. But please donate responsibly. I don't want any of y'all going hungry just because you're addicted to my fictions.

Today... I plan to get my fingers to slip DUE FLUFF and write something sappy or cute for the people in the #taz tag at Tumblr. I figure they're going to slip anyway. Might as well do something that gives out the WAFF.

Other than that, my plans include only scaring up something worthy for dinner tonight. With no inspiration and a limited budget. Whee.

Despite taking a nice warm cuppa, last night, I still woke up at 3AM. But at least I slept through until that long. Maybe getting some white noise up in my head could help. I dunno.

I firkin hate Melbourne Cup season. It totally fucks with my ability to sleep through the night.

But I gotta keep on going no matter how tired I am.

I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway.