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Monday, Stream and Slob

I now have a new heat sink and that seems to have solved the slowing issue. The tower's been on since about 3PM yesterday and it's still holding steady at about 70 degrees Celcius. Huzzah.

Immediately after the stream, I am headed to bed for some sleeps. Story will be posted when I achieve consciousness again.

Currently, Discord is blooping at me and I'm going nuts trying to figure out how to mute it again.

Stream soon. Story later. Everything else is

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Long(?) Monday, Chillaxing

I shall be streaming in a few minutes, then napping, then returning to consciousness for the TaleFoundry reads.

Thereafter? Who knows?

We didn't get to the sullage pipes as I had hoped, alas. Today might be the day. It might not. The hours my love and I share to arrange all the nonsense are rare and often filled with more important nonsense.


Onwards to the written nonsense.

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Tuesday, Rough Days

Capt. S passed on at roughly ten-thirty last night.

Beloved is likely to need me, and it's my job to be the support for her. Things may be off-schedule as a direct result. She's taking some leave in order to deal with everything.

I might be cancelling or delaying stuff in order to help out. I thank you for your patience with me during this difficult time.

Her stress is my stress too.

I shall try to get everything done today. I

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