Lazy Day

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Sunday, Chocolate Egg Day

Beloved 'gave' me some Hot Cross Bun Fudge [aka: I bought it on her OK and she took credit] and she has some sugar-free sweets to help ease her recovery process. Adorable has some dairy-free chocolate so she doesn't get a tummy ache from cow juice.

I have a few little things to get to MeMum and it's looking like that might get done around Tuesday. Antihero - the nice bean running the writer's group - is feeling crook. Therefore the morning waiting for the reads is now free for grocery-related occupations. I'll have to cancel/delay the story stream, but the story will be made regardless.

I have also commenced bread. The two loaves I make can last a little under two weeks. So I have a week of feeding the Starter and then a week where I make bread. The trick behind not having 'sod' loaves is to allow the loaf to 'dry' on the rack or in paper for at least a whole day. Putting it in a plastic wrapper turns the inside back into dough. It's weird but it happens.

It also kind of eliminates all the trouble gone to to make the crust a little softer.


Onwards to my offerings. I have finished the autolyse and have four folds to go before it and I can relax.

Moving right along.

Sunday, Games and Stuff

Very fun session, this morning. Thanks to Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, I had my Death Cough going throughout. But only because we were all having so much fun being mature and responsible adults, of course.

...which means that we were making the most cursed sex/poop/fart jokes the entire time.

I pln on making my offerings and then vanishing into the void. AKA the "real world". There to share space with Beloved.

I've already been on the nebuliser once today. I

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Sunday, Laziness

The D&D stream went well. The bit I had prepared for the lols didn't fly, but that's okay. I had fun doing it anyway.

Finally, after a subjective age of errors, I am able to watch Dungeon Meshi aka Delicious in Dungeons, which is a fun anime about cooking and eating the monsters in D&D dungeons.

I shall be moving along with today's offerings and a sentence or two in A Devil's Tale. At a leisurely pace.


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Sunday, Idle PLNs

Apparently, I only need two hours' nap after doing five hours for the VTTRPG sessions early-early in the morning.

Yay, I guess.

I also discovered that real pasta needs heat and time to cook properly in the microwave, so my sleep-addled idea of pumpkin noodle soup with tuna was a wash.

I will find a way to make it eatable anyway because hungry and feast day.

Anyways, I shall make my offerings and thence vanish from the interwebs because cuddling my Beloved

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Sunday, Inactivity PLNs

Tale Foundry cancelled for health reasons, so I'm streaming early. Thereafter, I shall post and then slack off for the remains of the day.


A hot bath may yet be in order.

The downside of going out for Bath Bombs is that I'll also have to wear the Torture Shoes because fucking bone spurs need correcting again. OTOH maybe the place isn't open by the time I'm done with my bullshit.

D&D news: I have technically finished the maps!

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Sunday, Twofer and Lazy Day

I am currently tucking into some egg-shaped chocolate, having already polished off a hot cross bun.

At some point, I will be setting forth with my Beloved to go fetch the landbarge back to our residence.

I owe y'all a twofer because I missed yesterday's offering. And fetching the car is kind of dominating my agenda processing skills.

It's that thing where you have an appointment at 3PM and end up doing nothing until it's time to go do the thing.


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Monday, Offering PLNs

With good luck, I should be done with the Tale Foundry Backup Readings soon. Then I get on with the daily tale and the meme over on the Fediverse.

Thereafter, I shall do more set dressing, summarise a chapter, and tag a week.

Chapter count: Roughly midway through ch 247

I'm almost to the constant, consensual flirting, kissing, and all the other stuff. Looking forward to it.

So is my Beloved. Even though she's certain I'll fake out somehow.

Not a chance.

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Long Monday, Few PLNs

It's long Monday, and I woke up at 6PM yesterday. Fun times ahead.

I shall attempt putting my sleep alarm an hour further on and see how I go.

That's next week though.

Post-walkathon, there's two things my legs don't like: getting up and walking the first twenty steps thereafter.

I hope it eases off as the week passes on.

The upcoming Saturday walkathon is going to be "interesting" all the same.

I'm hoping to make it to 4K, but I might

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Long Monday, No Plans

It's currently past 2 in the morning and I have had THE WORST connectivity issues with Twitch, Game night, and my peeps across the seas.

I might not be able to stream story time. Either way, I shall be recording and uploading later on.

As per normal, I have no expectations for today. If anything gets done, it's all gravy.

So let's see how much gravy happens.

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Saturday, Planned Nothing

I have nothing planned for today and I plan on INDULGING in it. Zero expectations from myself.

I will be harvesting and feeding my Starters because I held off yesterday. But that's fairly leisurely as far as daily nonsense goes.

It's come to my attention that mental health needs to be maintained via breaks from stress. Amazing, that. We need to take a breather from high expectations now and again.

Today's my day.

I will not accept criticism.

This afternoon is early

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Sunday, Day 0, Lazy Day

Plague News: One new case, an import. Thirty-nine total cases, thirty seven in hospital, and two in the ICU.

Toasty had a day off today, so I got to sleep in until six AM. Wild. Considering how I conked out close to eight at night, that's a really long sleep.

Beloved is messing about with Sourdough! Of course they're doing it with all the most expensive kit and nonsense. I went to a dollar shop to get the least-cost stuff. Beloved went

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Sunday, Day 1, Stream Day

Beloved got me a humidifier and an air scrubber for the bedroom and I woke up to PINK HANDS. After being blue-ish for a firkin MONTH, this is a marvellous breakthrough. Alas, they both make noises so absorbing this into my household white noise is the current problem.

Therefore the instant the stream is over, I shall be going for more nap.

It's also Mother's Day, so I should call MeMum and wish her a happy day. Then bully Beloved into calling

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Sunday, Day 0, Slug Day

I'm actually writing this [or starting to] at 11PM on Saturday night. Sunday will be happening inevitably. I've been awake since half-past nine.

There's four new cases on the site I consult and the active case count of forty-two. All in hospital. Worrying. On one hand, people are getting better. On the other hand... forty-two fucking cases. Yeeks.

I'm going to watch Toasty's stream, write a flash fiction, sleep, and perhaps catch on episode of Dimension 20 if the mood moves me.

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A Day of Indulgences

It's Saturday and I've already had way too many carbs and I'm loving it. The PLN, such that it is, is to write today's Instant and then spend the rest of my day just faffing about. Pure nonsense, no news.

Apart from this: Dogs are apparently better at detecting Covid-19 than any man-made test. Good news for us, and I hope those brave pooches don't get the plague from us Humans.

I for one welcome any appointment with Doctor Rover.

But enough

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A Day Off?

As far as I'm aware, I have nothing planned. What I do plan to do is enjoy it. I got myself a fanfic prompt as well as the Instant to write and after that? Well, it's all Critical Role and playing with the kittens and lounging around in my kigu and fluffy socks.


If Beloved actually has PLNs to drag me off anywhere and do anything, there are going to be complaints. I shall make them pick out my clothes and

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