Sunday, Day 0, Slug Day

I'm actually writing this [or starting to] at 11PM on Saturday night. Sunday will be happening inevitably. I've been awake since half-past nine.

There's four new cases on the site I consult and the active case count of forty-two. All in hospital. Worrying. On one hand, people are getting better. On the other hand... forty-two fucking cases. Yeeks.

I'm going to watch Toasty's stream, write a flash fiction, sleep, and perhaps catch on episode of Dimension 20 if the mood moves me. Heck, I might even make progress of one of my fun-purpose WIPs. Time will tell.

I'm purposely not pushing myself to do anything.

In the news:

  • Labor wins in WA, which means the Clive Palmer Party for Clive Palmer, by Clive Palmer, and all about Clive Palmer, is Shit Out of Luck. Huzzah
  • Victoria's Premier, Andrews, emerges from hospital with body brace on. People are shocked, despite the details of his horrific injuries being public for days on end
  • Australia apparently joins the "Empty Talk Club" according to China
  • Oprah memes go viral and Oprah wants it to stop
  • Some idiot filmed themselves bashing a teenager. Stay classy
  • Mother of a 12YO guilty of sexually abusing her daughter's friends. Yikes
  • A different idiot stole a playground slide for their bunk bed
  • People are attacking Meghan Markle for "holes" in her interview
  • Well-paid politicians with golden parachutes are up in arms about increased superannuation payments for everyone else. How surprising [/sarcasm]

Ugh. Let's commit some fiction.