Challenge #02984-H061: Surprising on Every Level please show us what happens to the next set of Vorax raiders. -- Anon Guest

Three months into training, Kin's students encountered their first challenge. Human Kin had just worked a double and was therefore sound asleep when the raiders came. From all available accounts, the raiding party had been stealthily stalking their vessel, waiting for such a time of comparable weakness.

The first thing that Companion Thresk knew about it was the alert to head immediately for the lifepods and secure all valuable information. Some crewmembers were already scrambling to all-stations. But not, he noted, members of Kin's Dojo. All those capable of throwing Human Kin into a wall stayed to guard the others as they fled. If they could also protect their sensei, that was a bonus.

As one cogniscent, they readied their defensive stance and screwed their courage to their sticking-places. They were quite a sight. Seven relatively small saurian Havenworlders, blocking the hall in a V formation. The Vorax raid chief was quite amused, and gestured a Junior forward to deal with them by hand.

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