Saturday, Day 0, Feast Day

There's two new cases and a total of forty active cases. I saw one piece of news where Brisbane Hospital is on lockdown because a nurse got infected. ...yaaaayyy...

So close to hiding behind my mask again and getting that Plague Doctor cosplay after all...


There's no noodles and no sugary goopy ice cream, so my PLNs include a short trip to the carb shops to get myself some treats.

But first, the news:

  • Meghan Markle apparently playing 3D Chess with the Royals
  • PA Hospital is in lockdown because plague
  • Someone died of the plague jab? Article doesn't say which jab it was, nor if it was correctly administered
  • Corpse of missing woman found in woodland in Kent
  • China's sabre-rattling intensifies
  • Op Ed says Her Majesty is losing control
  • Police advice to protect women from murderers is to make sure someone else gets murdered. Way to go, fellas. Excellent victim blaming skills
  • Teen kills abusive dad in defence of his mum, faces 20 years jail
  • Nasty people tying wire to car handles in an attempt to abduct people. Don't take it off there, drive to a servo or a police station and then take it off

Blargh. Onwards to fantasy.