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Challenge #04170-K152: Do Not Disturb

A deregger grabbed one of the station cats by the fur dismissively. The cat clawed the he** out of them, and then several other cats pounced, biting and attacking.

Jay merely looked up from his tea with Lilicoon and Sunshine and stated "They did it to themselves." And pretty much ignored the chaos. -- Anon Guest

Of the many unwritten rules of the Alliance, one of the lesser-known classic blunders is: Never abuse a Skitty.

A regular cat, if seized roughly by their fur and hauled around, will scratch and bite until its free. Then they will run like the wind for the nearest safe haven. Skitties only look like Terran cats. They're genetically programmed for pest control, but also to defend station systems against saboteurs.

Skitties are also station systems.

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Challenge #02984-H061: Surprising on Every Level please show us what happens to the next set of Vorax raiders. -- Anon Guest

Three months into training, Kin's students encountered their first challenge. Human Kin had just worked a double and was therefore sound asleep when the raiders came. From all available accounts, the raiding party had been stealthily stalking their vessel, waiting for such a time of comparable weakness.

The first thing that Companion Thresk knew about it was the alert to head

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Challenge #02983-H060: Me Next!

It was many years since the Saurians had first learned Tai-Chi from their human friend. From there it had begun to spread through other ships, then to stations and colonies of their people. But once it hit their homeworld, its popularity spread like wildfire. Soon it became a required part of the physical education of their young, and a part of their cultural identity. Needless to say, the humans liked the change. -- Fighting Fit


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Challenge #01853-E029: Start at Stop

Sometimes, to start something new, you have to end someone. -- WriteFmtheHeart

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for domestic abuse]

"Look at me, bitch!" He roared.

So she turned, and stretched out the arm holding the knife. No time to think. No time for finesse. He had his hand up to punch her in the ear again, so he didn't expect the blade. Nothing clever. Nothing smart. He often said she was too stupid to try anything smart. So she didn't.

The sharp knife

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