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Challenge #04170-K152: Do Not Disturb

A deregger grabbed one of the station cats by the fur dismissively. The cat clawed the he** out of them, and then several other cats pounced, biting and attacking.

Jay merely looked up from his tea with Lilicoon and Sunshine and stated "They did it to themselves." And pretty much ignored the chaos. -- Anon Guest

Of the many unwritten rules of the Alliance, one of the lesser-known classic blunders is: Never abuse a Skitty.

A regular cat, if seized roughly by their fur and hauled around, will scratch and bite until its free. Then they will run like the wind for the nearest safe haven. Skitties only look like Terran cats. They're genetically programmed for pest control, but also to defend station systems against saboteurs.

Skitties are also station systems.

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Challenge #03648-I360: All Lifeforms Secure

They're rescuing felines and cleaners from a defunct station that was being decommissioned due to its age and how much damage it suffered. Unfortunately, sadly, some of the animals were very skittish, so they had to use live-traps to make sure they were all gently caught and brought to safety. -- Anon Guest

The good news was that Cleaners would follow any old trail of garbage, so they were quickly lured into safe containment. The other good news was that Skitties were

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Challenge #03452-I164: Apply Therapeutic Felines

A human was sitting in the park softly weeping, they'd had a very bad day. But it's hard to stay sad when kitties and Skitties crawl in one's lap and start purring. -- Anon Guest

The straw often gets the blame for the breaking of the camel's back. Metaphorically speaking. It is not the straw, but rather its addition to weights already in excess of what the camel can handle. One last drop of rain does not cause the dam to burst.

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Challenge #03397-I109: PEBKAC

I love my job, really I do. But these cats will not stop trying to nap on my workstation. I love them too, but I really need to get back to work. -- Anon Guest

"Aw come on, guys. Not again. Off! Off! Pssst!"

Companion Zan watched as her assigned human shooed a cluster of Skitties[1] off of their workstation console. The Skitties that didn't immediately scurry off to their corners were lifted gently off and placed on the floor. Which

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Challenge #03269-H360: Adopted by Potatoes

Their species is feline-like in origin. Several orphaned Skitty kittens start following them around, refusing to let the person out of their sight, getting distressed when the person is difficult for them to get to. -- Anon Guest

It was quite a thing to discover that one had been adopted by a small swarm of blobby potatoes. That was what Human Zeng would call them, but they were clearly Skittens. Skitty[1] kittens. They had also, very clearly, adopted Hurrasha as their

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Challenge #02091-E267: Schrödinger's Bounty

"How did the cat get inside a locked cupboard?"

"It's an incomplete Schrödinger." -- Anon Guest

Krissk stared at his Human companion. "How is a thought experiment on the nature of the Uncertainty Principle at all related to the presence of a feline in a locked box with no other exits?"

Human Jan said, "It's because of the Uncertainty Principle that cats can teleport," with a completely straight face. "That's how they get into places and things that they physically should never

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Challenge #02080-E256: Station Cats

what would be a "normal" day for a cat in a space-station? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I originally thought - normal pet cat or Skitty? And then I thought... why not both?]


The day begins with the rude noise as Elith's Feedme[1] stirs in their sleep nook. Elith used her claws to show mild displeasure at having her own rest disturbed by the movement of the Feedme. Not that she could stop the bald, two-legged creature. Feedmes were much bigger

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Challenge #01841-E017: The Biological Solution

[End the story with this sentence] “Behold... the mighty predator.” -- TheDragonsFlame

First came the epithelials, and there was the Dust Problem. Amelioration worked, to a degree, but cleansing schedules soon became hell for multiple species. And someone discovered Fhitts and Squidges. Small, jellyfish-like animals that floated around via hydrogen gas bags. They either filter-fed as they drifted around on the air currents, or -in the case of the Fhitts- jetted about in active pursuit.

Then the Fhitts and the Squidges became

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Challenge #01820-D359: Important Aspects of Station Maintenance

If a small creature falls asleep on top of you, you are required to stay put and not disturb said small creature. Any nearby are obliged to provide you with whatever you need to avoid disturbing the creature. -- TheDragonsFlame

Arjit had been meditating in a nexus known as Station's Chi by the local conglomerate of Nae'hyn. It had been exactly what people had recommended as a spiritual centre. The constant ringing of the wind chimes and the grinding of the whirligigs

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Challenge #01639-D178: Unexpected Co-resident

What to do when a 'Skitty' decides Your space is a nice place to live. -- Knitnan

There was a cat sharing his sleep nook. Curled up in the crook of his knees and purring loud enough to simulate a malfunctioning cooling fan. It was the same cat that came into his domicile every evening and Cal gently but insistently shoved out of his doorway before retiring to bed.

He had no idea why this was happening to him. Some folks fed

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