Womens' Rights

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Challenge #01853-E029: Start at Stop

Sometimes, to start something new, you have to end someone. -- WriteFmtheHeart

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for domestic abuse]

"Look at me, bitch!" He roared.

So she turned, and stretched out the arm holding the knife. No time to think. No time for finesse. He had his hand up to punch her in the ear again, so he didn't expect the blade. Nothing clever. Nothing smart. He often said she was too stupid to try anything smart. So she didn't.

The sharp knife went into his chest like he was made of softened butter. It came out when he punched her in the ear anyway. Left her without balance enough to stay upright, and without hearing on that side. She fell and stayed down like a good girl. Barely hearing a word that came out of his mouth.

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