Challenge #02985-H062: The Superman Paradox

I would like to see a level 2 or 3 deathworlder who doesn't recognize a human as a level 4/4.5 deathworlder trying to be protective of the squishy. And the human letting them, on account of not being a fighting type of person. Right up until the level 2 or 3 deathworlder gets in over their head, and then the human is like nope. You do not hurt my protector. I am protector now, and it is time for adrenaline blitz. -- Anon Guest

Phrin took one look at Human Stiv and instantly concluded that this could not be the legendary kick-rump-and-take-names Deathworlders that scared the Vorax away from entire stellar empires. Not this one, at the very least. Human Stiv was meek and softly-spoken, the kind who didn't just blend in with the wallpaper, but would sidle nervously aside to get out of the wallpaper's way.

Phrin, not exactly a Deathworlder Companion on account of being a Deathworlder herself, decided on the spot that she would take this meekly murmuring embodiment of a shadow made from diffuse lighting and teach them to be bolder, better, and brighter. Or at the minimum, capable of giving the wallpaper some attitude.

The wing part was easy enough, and Human Stiv was glad of the invitation to hug. They liked being in the security of darker and comfortable places, and a good friend top hold was a bonus in a strange new place. Owing to this, they sort of shared Companion Kresh, who was a small and fluffy creature that clearly needed nurturing. In their own ways, they each adopted Kresh.

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