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Human Nature

A 3-post collection

Challenge #01834-E010: The Stakes

A wager will often get results when pleading fails. -- Anon Guest

One has to be wealthy to be eccentric. If you're poor, you're just odd. People could tell that Felwar Nassidd was an eccentric from a long line of eccentrics. The first dead-giveaway was the name. The second was their Wagers of Benevolence.

They laid a two hundred billion dollar bet that a town wouldn't be able to completely convert to green energy, and feed the populace proper nutrition at the same time. They made it global. And sat back and watched as the money-hungry mayors suddenly became benevolent dictators with a plan to eradicate all the food deserts in their field of influence.

The city that won had begun with a head start, because they were heavily liberal, but that didn't matter. What mattered was the trillion dollar bet that an electoral county couldn't do the same. Felwar could well afford it. They were the richest person in the world. They had incomprehensible amounts of money and the government kept wanting to give them more.

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Challenge #00990-B259: One Dull Morning in a General Supplies Store

The helgoq leaf ( being used/marketed as a human repellant. -- Anon Guest

The really beautiful thing about a truly open market was that things moved astonishingly quickly. No snake oil, just things that worked, and worked best at what they were for.

Though there were a few 'alternative uses' that made for interesting discussions...

Shayde found one such item in the safety products aisle. Alongside the usual protective devices and common-use medical instruments were

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Challenge #00808-B077: What's Your Emergency?

Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight. You’re in a truck, about 500 meters in the air, with a JATO rocket duct-taped to the undercarriage.
[Name], if this was anyone but you, I’d swear this was a prank call.

I’ll never know how he did it, but Warren got hold of a JATO. I do remember how we had a barbecue to celebrate. Lots of beer and ribs and a rambling discussion about what to do

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