Monday, Day 0, Better news

Only one new case today, and the active cases have dropped to thirty-six. A little bit of relief, but definitely not enough. The new case could be one for the history books, but that's awaiting tests to be certain. So here I stay, under my firkin rock.

My phone's newsfeed has been going off about how Hollywood has decided to come to Sunny Queensland and other Aussie destinations so they can do plague-free filming. I can only hope that every single one of them refuses to primadonna their way through quarantine rules and thereby ruin what they came here for.

In the

  • Prince Harry cries poor despite owning shittons of assets
  • More border closures against NSW
  • ScoMo has record low approval thanks to his big mouth and the Parliament sex assault case
  • Quarantine security guard infects Coles and 7-11 in NSW, following Pfizer jab
  • Assorted nations push back against China's bullshit
  • Meghan Markle wants evidence that she bullied palace staff
  • Mad scramble to track down the people in the security guard's trail
  • Lady Labor staffers start a Facebook group exposing the bad behaviour of their male coworkers
  • A doctor is also cutting a wide trail of infection, including Maccas, a gym, and a hotel
  • Muppet emerges from his secret bunker to spew bile towards China again
  • Bitcoin's soaring for some reason

Onwards to fantasy.