And Chocolate

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Sunday, Chocolate Egg Day

Beloved 'gave' me some Hot Cross Bun Fudge [aka: I bought it on her OK and she took credit] and she has some sugar-free sweets to help ease her recovery process. Adorable has some dairy-free chocolate so she doesn't get a tummy ache from cow juice.

I have a few little things to get to MeMum and it's looking like that might get done around Tuesday. Antihero - the nice bean running the writer's group - is feeling crook. Therefore the morning waiting for the reads is now free for grocery-related occupations. I'll have to cancel/delay the story stream, but the story will be made regardless.

I have also commenced bread. The two loaves I make can last a little under two weeks. So I have a week of feeding the Starter and then a week where I make bread. The trick behind not having 'sod' loaves is to allow the loaf to 'dry' on the rack or in paper for at least a whole day. Putting it in a plastic wrapper turns the inside back into dough. It's weird but it happens.

It also kind of eliminates all the trouble gone to to make the crust a little softer.


Onwards to my offerings. I have finished the autolyse and have four folds to go before it and I can relax.

Moving right along.