Better Procrastinate Than Never

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Saturday, Procrastinating the Hard Part

I have done all the samples I can sample. Which means I have to go summarise the entire dang novel.


I have a plan, and it's going to suck for me, but I have a PLAN.

  1. Read a chapter. Figure out a sentence or two that encapsulates what goes on in it.
  2. Put that sentence into a separate file.
  3. Keep going until "bare bones" summary is accomplished.
  4. Use that document as a source to concoct a compelling version in 2K words.
  5. Trim that to 1K words in another version.
  6. Trim THAT to 500 words etc.
  7. Trim even that to 100 words because I have seen that desired by some folks -_-
  8. Reserve one day to degauss from all of that.
  9. Might as well come up with the blurbs while I'm there.

Blurbs are "compelling passage about why you might want to read this book" of varying lengths. Five paragraphs maximum, I believe. More common is the three-paragraph book jacket version, and the one-paragraph back-of-the-book version. There's also the "snappy splash" version, which is one or two sentences splashed on the front cover to maybe catch the eye of someone in a book store.

And there's also the "meets" version of "What is your book about" so that those with a familiarity of previous stuff can maybe catch a glance at what kind of book this is.

My sources of inspiration are strange, varied, and bizarre. I wish them the best of luck looking these things up. They're going to need it.

One of my books is "Steam Powered Giraffe's lore meets Girl Genius and battles the entire Victorian era in a fantasy setting that might have glanced at D&D at some point."

Another one is: "Buck Rogers meets Star Trek and have a sword fight with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

My brain goes to weird places. They might as well get used to that.

I'm taking a day off from prepping, all the same. I need some chillaxing time before the truly big battle.

Mental health is important. I work with my brain. If that breaks down, so do my potential earnings.

So I am taking a mental health day.

Citizen of the Procrasti Nation

The pln this morning was to rise from my slumber and get the blog and Instant portion of my day out of the way so I could focus on other things.

You see, my morning agenda includes a visit to the doctor because it turns out I was correct about prescriptions only lasting one year. One would think that, as a former chronically ill person, I would have the majority experience with how long prescriptions last and all that noise, but noooooo.

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The internet is back up despite the sogginess of the atmosphere, so my best guess is some form of minor corrosion has reconnected the points. One would think that an internet system would be built to ameliorate minor flooding, or major flooding. Especially in a land where droughts and flooding rain are a cyclical thing.

...but here we are, I guess.

Followers of my Plot Kittens File will note that there's another plot kitten and another exerpt waiting your eager eyes. The

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Today's Gonna Get Complicated

Because of the public holiday, my usual cleaning day has moved to today. Which means I have less time for my usual array of combo procrastinating and farting about.

So, alongside the normal Patreon posts today, I also have unfuckening my house to deal with. Also the usual five hundred words and Instant Story and attempting to get the heck back into fluff and cuddles with Free Katz...

I woke up at 3AM again [early night] and proceeded to procrastinate until 6.

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Today's delay was caused by Beloved being a fluff-head. They wanted to check on Factorio, and I just had to check with them by some kind of mutual telepathy or something.

It's a cleaning day, today, so today's story may well be later than usual. Fingers crossed, I get there anyway, but... my brain is now set on 'wannaplay'. Thanks, Beloved.

Loyal visitors to my Patreon will note that I've switched things up a smidge in anticipation of even more books that

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Dilly Dally Dawdle

I accomplished two things:

  1. I called the mowing company and they're going to give us a quote
  2. I reached my protein intake goal

This is a massive hurdle as I spent some five years pre-keto training my body to run on very little indeed. Which wrought living HELL on my metabolism and may be one of the root causes of my lingering sleep issues. Y'know, alongside anxiety. And just... being fucked up.

So getting my metabolism back to some variety of a

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I should most definitely not stay up until 10 at night watching murder documentaries.

I should most definitely not stay up until 10 at night playing Factorio.

I should get to bed at a reasonable hour - anywhere between eight and nine thirty - and get a reasonable amount of sleep.

I should focus on doing the things that needs must be done, instead of faffing off to play a building-things-incessantly game.

Long story short, I didn't get a lot of sleep

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Whoops, I Procrastinated

Shitty internet yesterday made me derail myself and I didn't get around to my wordpress thing until this morning. Which I could have done at 4AM when I couldn't sleep because I don't even know.

Perhaps, when my diet is more balanced, I will sleep better. It worked in the early days of Keto when I was having more protein. Perhaps it will work again.

In the meantime, I re-learn my habits, listen to my cravings, and sort my shit out. Sometimes

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Did I forget again?

It's the weekend and I'm checking to make sure that my Patrons have their stuff before I settle down to doing all the other nonsense.

And because I'm subconsciously afraid that I have forgotten again [mind like a steel sieve] I am PROCRASTINATING HARD.

Loads of interesting videos on the interwebs.

I need to be braver about my shit. If I fucked up, I can acknowledge that and make amends.

But nope. Not can do the thing. I have avoidance issues. I

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It's where I live. Whoops.

I just spent an hour putting down my brilliant cold open for one of the ideas I have in my Ideas File which I HOPE will remain pickling until I'm done with whatever I'm trying to finish off before I launch another firkin fanfic.

I may have plot cats instead of plot bunnies. They're just as prolific, but they're more prone to biting and clawing at your anatomy. And bringing you fragments of things that just firkin

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Bad start

I got up before my alarm. Yay. I posted the latest installment of Babes in the Woods. Yay.

I have also procrastinated for three solid hours. Boo.

On the plus side, I don't have a huge amount of work to do today, IF I don't have to haul Mayhem across country to Banyo. Just fetching him in the afternoon is fine? But going there and back twice just about wrecks me.

I need coffee.

The worst thing about my sleep issues is:

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Challenge #01816-D355: A Needed Sense of Urgency

Inspired desperation, a great motivator when Procrastination has been your buddy. -- Anon Guest

The ships' human had two modes. "I'll get to it," and "Ah, shit, why didn't I get on this sooner?" Which, though entertaining to observe from a distance, was not always the best thing in an emergency. Or in any situation laced with urgency.

That said, the human was fantastic at pulling miracles out of nowhere when under stress. The rest of the crew merely wished that such

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Tea fixes everything

I've been bingeing on the herbal teas since I got crook. The addition of a little ginger to the pot has helped immensely. And also drinking an undertow-mug's worth1 of tea at a time helps. And it helps for a surprising length of time.

The cleaners didn't arrive yesterday. I can hope that they'll come today, but because Easter, everything's up to debate. Giving the kids a ten-minute clean-up task definitely helps. Especially since it's their gateway to having access to

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Procrastination is my co-pilot

I have work to do, errands to run, and stuff to acquire. So of course I'm watching YouTube instead of doing any of it. Go me.

But I did do some things to help with progress around the house. I also am instilling a new policy. The kids have to do one ten-minute task to help with the house before they sit down at their devices.

With luck and vigilance, this should help keep the mess down so that progress can be

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Maybe today...

I didn't get to half of what I wanted to get done. Part of my brain was really thirsting to do some Minecraft, I guess. Procrastination helps the mind re-set and lets it rest between emergencies, and therefore it is a good thing. In moderation.

I'm making myself get to all those little side-projects, today. All those tiny five-minute tasks that end up taking two hours and all the patience you have to spare. Sooner started, sooner done, and all that associated

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