Citizen of the Procrasti Nation

The pln this morning was to rise from my slumber and get the blog and Instant portion of my day out of the way so I could focus on other things.

You see, my morning agenda includes a visit to the doctor because it turns out I was correct about prescriptions only lasting one year. One would think that, as a former chronically ill person, I would have the majority experience with how long prescriptions last and all that noise, but noooooo... Best Beloved knew better and claimed they lasted five years.

Horse puckies.

They also claimed that every health-related emporium in the surrounding area had tri-magnesium citrate - our preferred magnesium supplement. Guess what?

Horse puckies again.

So now I'm pretty much stuck with today and tomorrow to find this stuff or suffer intense cramps by midway through next week because I won't have any magnesium.

You bet I'm badgering my Beloved about this.

Then I got distracted by yet another porn bot following my blogs, so I photoshopped up a quick awareness poster and shared it with the throng. I'll either get banzored or lauded for my efforts and I'm starting to hope for the former.

So I might get started on today's Instant, but it might not get finished for a while. We'll see. We shall have to see.