Challenge #02184-E355: The Chaos Creator

Third Bohemian Rhapsody prompt.

This video. The Muppets are always an outstanding technical achievement when they do anything more complex than stand there and open and close their mouths, and it is a tribute to Jim Henson that his techniques have been used for such a wide range of media, from Sesame Street all the way to big-budget films like Star Wars and Labyrinth, to a TV series like Farscape that wanted a higher level of verisimilitude for their non-humanoid characters than CG can provide on a TV budget even now.

But the Muppets, admittedly in their aimed-at-older-audiences-than-Sesame-Street The Muppet Show doing a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody (altered for added silliness that fits the characters so well, and does not take away from the song)? That dozens or hundreds of people spent weeks or more of their life to recreate the song that was rejected by the band's manager at first for being nothing that anyone would want to listen to and then initially panned by critics, with Muppets filling all the vocal roles, and it currently has almost sixty-nine and a half MILLION views, almost thirty million views higher than the next most popular Muppet music video, when the Muppet Youtube channel does not even have two-thirds of one million subscribers, says something about the lasting impact this song has had.

(of course, the sheer fact that the official Muppets channel has almost two-thirds of a million subscribers in the first place, as well as multiple videos above the twenty million view mark and even more above the ten million view mark, says something about the lasting impact the Muppets themselves have had - don't want to give any impression otherwise!) -- RecklessPrudence

This had to be one of the most bizarre things that Shayde had ever dragged him along to. The travelling museum had, like most travelling museums, a central theme. The Museum of the Missing, for instance, was eternally attempting to track down what happened to various artworks lost to the Shattering. This one was called the Hensonium, and showed the Galactic scene works of pre-Shattering technological prowess in the arena of entertainment.

The pieces on display were not the originals. They were modern replicas made with authentic materials. The originals were long since lost to attrition or too fragile to be manipulated at all. There was one original piece, however, a bronze statue at the entrance of a bearded man sitting on a bench apparently talking to the effigy of a frog. It had no cultural impact on Rael, but Shayde left a single rose and got a wobbly lower lip from the sight of it.

"I thought your deity didn't have a face," he murmured, attempting to show a proper level of respect. He was vaguely aware that one aspect of Shayde's pre-shattering religious figures was pictured as a man with a beard, but otherwise the iconography didn't match.

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