Saturday, Procrastinating the Hard Part

I have done all the samples I can sample. Which means I have to go summarise the entire dang novel.


I have a plan, and it's going to suck for me, but I have a PLAN.

  1. Read a chapter. Figure out a sentence or two that encapsulates what goes on in it.
  2. Put that sentence into a separate file.
  3. Keep going until "bare bones" summary is accomplished.
  4. Use that document as a source to concoct a compelling version in 2K words.
  5. Trim that to 1K words in another version.
  6. Trim THAT to 500 words etc.
  7. Trim even that to 100 words because I have seen that desired by some folks -_-
  8. Reserve one day to degauss from all of that.
  9. Might as well come up with the blurbs while I'm there.

Blurbs are "compelling passage about why you might want to read this book" of varying lengths. Five paragraphs maximum, I believe. More common is the three-paragraph book jacket version, and the one-paragraph back-of-the-book version. There's also the "snappy splash" version, which is one or two sentences splashed on the front cover to maybe catch the eye of someone in a book store.

And there's also the "meets" version of "What is your book about" so that those with a familiarity of previous stuff can maybe catch a glance at what kind of book this is.

My sources of inspiration are strange, varied, and bizarre. I wish them the best of luck looking these things up. They're going to need it.

One of my books is "Steam Powered Giraffe's lore meets Girl Genius and battles the entire Victorian era in a fantasy setting that might have glanced at D&D at some point."

Another one is: "Buck Rogers meets Star Trek and have a sword fight with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

My brain goes to weird places. They might as well get used to that.

I'm taking a day off from prepping, all the same. I need some chillaxing time before the truly big battle.

Mental health is important. I work with my brain. If that breaks down, so do my potential earnings.

So I am taking a mental health day.