Challenge #03540-I252: Stubborn, Independant, Exasperating...

Companion (concerned): Human, why are you on the floor?

Human (commando crawling down the hall): My com's busted, my back gave out, and I can't walk, so I'm making my way to medical. Help? -- Escla

It's always a good idea for a Companion to keep track of their assigned Human. Like an ocean or a Starting Education Facility[1], one does not gain good results from turning away from a force of chaos.

Case in point. Human Ham was slowly making their way through hallway 79B. Elevation... 2.5 centidus[2]. Something had to be wrong, there.

Companion Fox made all due speed to hallway 79B, and there found Human Ham on their belly. Pushing themself forward by their elbows. It was much like an imitation of a primitive ancestor making its way up a distant shore.

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