Friday, Unfuckening and Date PLNs

Queen Elizabeth II has passed from this cruel world, so now we get King Charles the Somethingth. I can't remember which Charles we're up to.

Unless he abdicates in favour of one of his kids. Unlikely. He's been waiting his entire life to get the crown so... I guess we see what kind of king he is.

The Muppet had nuclear secrets spread out on his hotel floor in Mar-a-lago. Lovely. Including other nations' nuclear secrets. So of course he's claiming that the FBI and the DOJ are hopelessly corrupt, he was framed, those weren't his hot secrets on the floor of his bedroom, it wasn't him, it was three other guys named Smith. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

Famous Wizard Author continued to be a huge piece of shit. Being openly antisemitic, racist, ableist, sizeist, and transphobic in her thousand-page bestselling novel. She's fifteen prejudices shambling around in a human skin.

The good news, such as it is, is that I am nearly finished making samples. I'm including my WIPs because preparedness is sibling to organisation.

I'm not always organised, but I can be prepared. For most things, anyway.

Once I'm done with samples, I have to do blurbs and summaries. Not looking forward to that. It's going to be a slog.

I'm feeling down today and it's not the bad shit going on. It's probably more of the looming trial ahead. The more I do, the closer I get to having to do it. And I don't deal with rejection very well.

Gotta try.

The only way to fail is to never try at all.

Gotta also unfuck the house a smidge. At minimum, clean out the catio. Feed the starters, and do something nifty with the harvest.

Tonight, we are doing an economical date night. Making burgers at home from bits sourced cheap, watching one of our remaining DVDs and either criticising the fuck out of it or enjoying the spectacle.

For now, there's one more story.