Challenge #03541-I253: From Little Things


I secretly took some medicine to test the ingredients, and found out that most of them didn't match the records at all. Vitamin C tablets, starch capsules, glucose solution... Some of the medicines are just placebos. Health deteriorates. What frightened me even more was that I figured out their intention in an instant -

Some were designed to find out what differences the treatment would make. Some were designed to test the effects of placebos in follow-up treatment. The whole thing was a pack of lies.

At this place, those children are subjects, materials, data - everything but not patients, not human beings who fell ill. And [Redacted], a seriously ill boy, was probably the only "healthy" child here. But now he has been "modified" into a patient for the experiment. And I still haven't figured out what the experiment is about. -- Anon Guest

What chafes the most is distrust. They asked for a Deregger Medik to assist in their experiments, and then pretty much had me there for the optics. Shown on screen, displayed to the public in the white coat, stethoscope, and safety goggles, but I'm not actually doing anything.

I guess I should have been forewarned when they made me wear a binder so that the other medical people weren't "distracted" from their duties.

Enthusiasm to solve many problems at once makes idiots of us all, I guess. That's how I got into this situation. An enormous medical facility dedicated to preserving future workers from a mystery ailment plaguing the entire polity. It looks like several nutritional deficiencies at once, and it might just be that. I am not permitted to do anything but hand out the medicine.

Or should I say "medicine".

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