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Challenge #04157-K139: Gifts of Justice

I'm not afraid of getting hurt, but I admit, I'm also well aware I'm not strong. Nevertheless, I refuse to stand here and do nothing. -- DaniAndShali

Bravery is not the lack of fear. It is being afraid and acting anyway. It is facing down injustice knowing that it could hurt to stand up for the downtrodden.

She was an outcast, eking out an existence on the sketchier side of the village. He was meant to be fetching medicine for his auntie. Someone accused her of stealing a stuffed bun that he'd seen her buy. So he stepped between her and the Watchman and said, "I saw her buy it. Mr Halberston charged her five coppers when they only cost two."

"...teufel tax," she mumbled. "Used to it."

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Tuesday, Getting Brave and Preparation

Today, as well as working on bread, I am going to work on a writeblr intro for Tumblr and then drop a few nice messages into Niel Gaiman and Diane Duane's Tumblr inboxes.

I actually have to focus on my autism and my queer cred since that's how I use my niche. I carve it out, I own it, and then I fill it with flashing neon lights so that other peeps can find me.

I also should get in contact with

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Challenge #03891-J239: Your Threats Are Empty

I'm a coward, and I am well aware of this fact. Many things terrify me. But, you have made a grave error. One thing I am not afraid of is death. -- Anon Guest

"Unlock it or die," said the brigand, knife at Mort's throat.

"Kill me. You won't be able to unlock it even when I'm dead," said Mort. The Hellkin courier seemed cooler than ice under the threat of death. "The only way to open it is when it arrives

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Challenge #01720-D259: High Alert Level

I may be a coward, but I will not let that define me. -- RecklessPrudence

My name is Val, and I'm afraid. Every day, every minute, all I can think of is the worst possible consequences that result from my actions. You might call it anxiety. I don't think it's anything as mild as that. I have a mechanical clock as an alarm, because what if the power fails in the night and all the electronic stuff doesn't work? I sterilise my

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