Tuesday, Getting Brave and Preparation

Today, as well as working on bread, I am going to work on a writeblr intro for Tumblr and then drop a few nice messages into Niel Gaiman and Diane Duane's Tumblr inboxes.

I actually have to focus on my autism and my queer cred since that's how I use my niche. I carve it out, I own it, and then I fill it with flashing neon lights so that other peeps can find me.

I also should get in contact with an Enby Expert(tm) so I can do some of the other things that match my goals for myself.

That might be a little too much interpersonal contact for this bean. I might have to do this stuff over the passage of several days. I shall check my Press Kit bio and make certain it's still valid. Then use that as a base for my writeblr intro.

But first... my offerings unto the temple of notes.