Challenge #04096-K078: Isekai Choice

Inside you there are two wolves:

One whispers into your ear the fact that you been isekai'd; and the laws of the old world does not apply to this one.

The other begs you not to turn the Geneva convention into the Geneva suggestion. -- Anon Guest

One of the easiest dead giveaways that you're not in the reality you were born to is the continuing existence of dirigibles. A slightly more alarming one might be an Elf or a Kobold looting what they thought was your body. Or, in the case of a Kobold, chewing on it.

In this case, it was waking up to a robot doing medical care.

Tania stared, mostly because she could see the cogs and gears that were making the machine work. There was also a glowing gemstone in the middle of the chassis, which, after a little squinting, Tania identified as, "A flint arrowhead?"

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