The internet is back up despite the sogginess of the atmosphere, so my best guess is some form of minor corrosion has reconnected the points. One would think that an internet system would be built to ameliorate minor flooding, or major flooding. Especially in a land where droughts and flooding rain are a cyclical thing.

...but here we are, I guess.

Followers of my Plot Kittens File will note that there's another plot kitten and another exerpt waiting your eager eyes. The idea is possessing me, so the exerpt is growing as I type.

With luck, I can convince Beloved to do the taxes so I can re-apply for the Carers' Allowance in time to not have it cancelled. I swear, that allowance is the only thing that saves our arses, some days.

I might have to argue my case before it happens. I hate having to do that. I have to think optimistically. Perhaps Beloved has actually done the taxes and we don't have to fret at all. I'd love for that to be a thing.

Update: We have to make an appointment to see an accountant. Crap. This means I have to dig up all available documentation and have it with and be prepared to dial up random shit at a moment's notice.


I only have five days left to do the carers' allowance thing. This is important.

And like all things that need to be done or else, it'll probably happen at the last possible fucking minute.