Plot Kittens

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It's where I live. Whoops.

I just spent an hour putting down my brilliant cold open for one of the ideas I have in my Ideas File which I HOPE will remain pickling until I'm done with whatever I'm trying to finish off before I launch another firkin fanfic.

I may have plot cats instead of plot bunnies. They're just as prolific, but they're more prone to biting and clawing at your anatomy. And bringing you fragments of things that just firkin annoy you.

Yeah. Plot kittens. That can be a thing.

My PLNs today include roasting some lamb as well as the mandatory clean-a-thon, because my loving family left me MESS. You're adorable, kids, but at least firkin rinse off your gorram tools while the firkin mess is FRESH.

::grumble grumble grizzle growl bitch whine whine...::

And now, to the sordid tale of today...