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Thursday, Day 0, Recovery PLN

Plague news: One new case, an import. Twenty-nine total active cases with nineteen in hospital, and one in the ICU.

I'm still getting over the Lurgi, so my PLNs don't go much further than soup and Shandy and a lot of rest. I have about 200 words to go in my novel's words today so I'm fairly confident about my ability to get that done.

I may even start catching up with The Adventure Zone. I can hope.

Meanwhile, there's some news:

  • Biden forgets ScoMo's name
  • Australia getting nuclear subs to piss off China
  • Chinese Defector claims the US warned of the pandemic months before it was declared
  • Us official warns China that the Muppet might try to attack them
  • More palaver about vaccine reactions

And now... storytime.

Friday, Day 0, Lurgi

Five more cases, all from Papua New Guinea, and all captured in quarantine. All forty-one active cases are in hospital. Yikes on bikes. Rock-hide protocol is heavily active. OTOH, there's no community transmission, so my desire to go full Plague Doctor when I go out is currently quashed.

The PNG strain is very concerning to Queensland because we might have to (gasp) share vaccines with others. Oh, the deprivation.

First World countries are depriving less affluent nations of vaccine access and this

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Thursday, Day 0, Ffffffff...

Five new cases, taking the active case count to thirty-seven, and every single one of those people are in hospital. Miss Chaos has the sniffles and I am obligated to drag her to the doctor's with flu-like symptoms -_-

Better safe than sorry.

Good thing this happened on a Thursday when I theoretically have little else to do but write my fictions. Yay. I still have to wait until the office to open so I can call in and let them

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Tuesday, Psych Day, Day Zero

Nineteen total cases. I would feel more comfortable about things if that number was in single figures again. How many times do we have to tell people that Holiday Travel during a time of firkin PLAGUE is a dumb-arse idea?

Infinity, dear readers. The answer is infinity. Because there is always some Karen somewhere who believes they are the special exception because they only eat vegan-farmed moonmelons from the southern slopes of Saskatchewan or whatever. Besides, getting what they want via whatever

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Monday, Day One, Lurgified

Let's be clear. There have been no community transmissions of the plague in Queensland for well over a month. That said, I have some variety of communicated crud and I am not going to be That One Karen to actually cause more problems than I aim to solve.

The caveat... If I want to go to the quack's about it, I have to phone up. Can't book with the app when you got lurgi symptoms. I get it. They need to prepare.

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Well, Shit

It is Friday, and I am still horking up chunks. Damnit.

Which means that I have to drag myself off to the Quack's for some antibiotics. Which I am flakey about taking for some reason.

On the plus side, I'm drying out. Which means the environment for bacterial shenanigans might just vanish. But I can't fool myself forever. Just as I wrote that, up came another chunk.

Can not be delusional with myself. Gotta book that appointment for me today. That was

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I Swear I Feel Better

I'm still shifting chunks. They're not improving with time, alas. I moved two green ones this morning and am seriously considering antibiotics.


If I can shift all the chunks by Friday, I won't need them. So I will be regularly doing saline doses on Max to help remove the gunk, and staying hydrated however I can stand it. When I get sick of Shamdy, I shall imbibe ginger/cinnamon/lemon tea. And vice versa.

I'm slow-roasting tonight's protein so that I'll

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Chunk Relief

Doing a saline dose on Max genuinely helps clear the blockages. So does staying hydrated in any form.

I've been adding atrovent into my nebuliser so far, but the next dose I do will be all saline. See how it goes.

What does seem alarming is the size of the initial chunks. On the brighter side, I'm getting rid of the blockages. And the colour is heartening.

I still believe I can shake this infection.

Today or tomorrow, I will definitely do

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Lo Batt Shenanigans

I was at Lo Batt, yesterday. A fraction of my general energy. And most of that is due to mucous.

Funny how having goop in your tubes causes you to not breathe properly.

But despite the Lo Batt status, I still managed to do all the firkin washing up and get a dinner on. I didn't have the energies to go shopping for supplies.

Knowing this, I messaged my lifemate. The love of my lifetime. Co-parental to our children. My Best-Beloved. To

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Busy and cold

I am in the process of kicking off this lurgi. For those interested in my chunks, they are slowly, gradually, getting smaller, paler, and less frequent. Yay, I guess.

Last night's sleep was spotty at best, and frequently interrupted by chunks. The good news out of that was I managed to get a piece for my Wordpress.

I got the whole cleaning day thing, and the usual writing to do. And figuring out something in the order of dinner.

I'm thinking -

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I slept through most of yesterday and I feel a lot better about my place in this torture session called life.

I'm still coughing up chunks, but it's looking... good. For limited definitions of 'good'. In terms of chunk horking, there's less chunks, smaller chunks, and the colours of said chunks are giving me hope.

GROSSNESS WARNING: Colour chart for phlegm

  • Clear/transparent/white - nothing is living in your bodily fluids, you're good. For limited definitions of 'good' because you're still
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The lurgi's got me good. This morning's highlights included me exuding mucous.


Coughing up lumps.

Such fun.

I have a small hope that hydration and rest will shake this off, but... If it's still clinging around, I'm going to have to get myself on antibiotics.

Not my funnest eventuality.

And when I'm done with today's story, I shall likely attempt to sleep this thing off.




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This bug... clings.

I just can't shake it like I'm used to doing. And Sneezin' and Wheezin' season is not helping.

I have three sticks of cinnamon. I can plausibly make cinnamon/ginger/citrus tea. Lord knows the Shamdy didn't help as much as it should have. But getting a good ginger garlic chicken soup going is going to have to wait until I have more money.


I just want to sleep. But I owe y'all a fresh story and a

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Now Firkin What?

Mayhem has caught the local bug, and the soonest doctor's appointment is tomorrow.

Adding to that fun is a Cleaner's Day. On the other hand, I don't have to do a brat run so I have an extra hour to do the writing stuff.

This weekend promises to be packed as both grandparentals want visiting and at least one of those visits is tech support. I might have to take Capt S. up on her offer for me to go visit MeMum

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Tea fixes everything

I've been bingeing on the herbal teas since I got crook. The addition of a little ginger to the pot has helped immensely. And also drinking an undertow-mug's worth1 of tea at a time helps. And it helps for a surprising length of time.

The cleaners didn't arrive yesterday. I can hope that they'll come today, but because Easter, everything's up to debate. Giving the kids a ten-minute clean-up task definitely helps. Especially since it's their gateway to having access to

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