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Sunday, Recovery???

I've cancelled my streams today because Lurgi. And recovery time is exactly what this little bean needed.

I was awake sometime around 6 when I got an email from MeMum declaring it to be Monday. I had been intermittently napping and waking all day, so this momentarily made me believe that I'd slept through an entire day.

Fun moment.

Quick calendar check and an email exchange later, we both know what day it is. Yay.

I'm still determined to take things easy. And another fun event for some more context.

  • Announced I had Swampy Head to the QPP
  • Beloved asked me what I needed
  • Sent her the recipe for Shandy(tm)
  • And then she asked me what I'd like
  • I basically said chips and ice cream
  • She sent me half a larder of treats and a lasagna

So today, my plns are real small. I eat treats, make my offerings, and slob around.

Offerings very soon.

Sunday, Still croaky

My voice is still doing dumb shit so I can't record more chapters for Adorable today. Bum.

I really should track down at least one stylus so I can progress with Pseuducku and better art than the shitty concept doodles I did in Lunacy already.

So my PLN is thus:

  • [X] Write this blog
  • [X] Listen in to Tale Foundry
  • [X] Work on the prompt
  • [ ] Daily tale
  • [ ] Meme in the Fediverse
  • [ ] Archeology [unearth a stylus]

I'm still taking in a lot of

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Monday, Twofer For You

The foundry is doing backup reads as I speak. I shall be getting on with the twofer after that is done, and also trying to concoct a tale for the foundry. So I shall be writing a lot.

I need to concoct a Keto Kibble 2.0 because I have been doing it wrong the entire time. Bleh.

Yesterday went well enough. The most anxious person about the QPP was MeMum, who had some points about a few things.

Society as it

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Challenge #03751-J098: Earth.bak

What do I do for a living? I work as a biologist in planet-sized zoo. We raise animals that are almost extinct and help reintroduce them, safely, to habitats that are suited for them without disrupting the local ecosystem. I love my work. -- Anon Guest

It took years to find it. It took a team of Deep Time AI's to terraform it. We went to inhabit the ark and work on the next part. Seeding the world with endangered creatures. Each

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Challenge #03667-J014: Earned Retirement

Once survivors are rescued, a shuttle with a very talented pilot hovers low enough to retrieve the loved ones that are lost. -- Fighting Fit

Some Humans give everything for their assigned crew. It's their pack-bonding. They can't not save others despite the risk to their own lives. Human Dyoth judged their life worth the sacrifice.

Their "Fuzzies" didn't agree with them.

Dyoth had attempted to make a safe descent and passed out in the

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Challenge #03640-I352: A Needed Break

A runaway from a brothel hides trying to use the cloak Wraithvine had set aside during meditation. A very rude individual then grabs the floating wizard to demand where their "property" is and demand "it be returned". -- Anon Guest

It's very rude to shake an Elf out of their meditations. Most Elves find ways to retaliate that range from subtle and disturbing illusions to disfiguring or near-lethal touch attacks. Most people knew this.

This fellow didn't seem to care.

"You have

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Challenge #03507-I219: Making Amends

"When's Papa coming home?"

A young toddler goes to Wraithvine to ask about hir daddy. Wraithvine must now tell the family what happened to the farmer. -- DaniAndShali

Lulanie Tiller stared at the coils of hair on her table, and at the humble Elf who had appeared in her hut. She gave the being small chores to keep them busy until the children were sound asleep.

She made tea, and wound up the hair

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Saturday, Plague Day 5, Recovery?

I'm feeling better and brighter today. I spent half the night horking up what felt like chunks of lung. So I have NO idea why I feel so firkin well-rested.

I am on antibiotics, which require me to eat something twice a day. A big ask for this nerd.

I'm waiting for my tea to cool, and I might have to take my horse pill with a dose of Shandy because I am actually hungry. This is a big deal for me.

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Saturday, Plots and PLNs

We had some fun, last night. One near-arsehole encounter and a lot of tromping around in the rain, with dinner and gasbagging to follow. You can guess that this has done me some ow's for today.

Taking things easy, all the same. Taking my time, taking some rest, and possibly taking some tea.

...and I just now realised that I forgot to do the story read today. AUGH.

I will read tomorrow. Not that many people seem to either care or mind.

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Challenge #03441-I153: One Picnic Date in Sunlit Park

I noticed in the stories she talks about a cruel master. Yet in the stories when she started, she was rescued as an infant in the creches when the factory that made beings like her, selling them as slaves, was found by the CRC and shut down. Was she kidnapped and abused at one point?

internutter744 hours ago

That is because I forgot my own continuity XD

Gonna have to sandwich in an abuser at some point blargh.

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Challenge #02997-H074: For Neurochemical Imbalances

A level 3 deathworlder has to come bail their human out of jail again! The human has an arm band showing they are currently battling a mental health issue. The poor person is an addict undergoing treatment and had escaped from the care center. The havenworlder medic at the caretaker's side sighs, shaking their head as the human is dealing with a major hangover. Helping addicts clean up is so incredibly frustrating! Sure the work is rewarding, but it's no wonder the

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Challenge #02618-G061: Adjusting the Recovery Plan

Their legs were broken, their lower back was damaged, and they were bruised all to hell. Still, havenworlders were safe, so while uncomfortable, they were not too upset about the situation. A scaffold some workers has been on had given way and they'd shoved the havenworlders out of the way quickly just as it collapsed pinning them beneath. Security had to come rescue them as the havenworlders were too small to get them out. Still, being stuck in the chair, in casts

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Gotta love a morning after

It got dramatic, last night. My little Gerblin convert turned away from the light and came back to bite us on the ass with the help of some worgs.

Gaarsh is very upset about all this. Especially since he's had his first kill since the Bad Time, and he was killing someone he was playing with just minutes before.

There's gonna be an angst fest and I plan on loving it to bits. Some arguing between the party members who are not

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Getting better slowly.

My weight went up yesterday. Not because of extra eating now that I’m on my feet [7th Mar] but because of the extra moving I’ve been doing.

I put on some muscle mass.

Muscle weighs more than fat, so I’d rather have it.

My fat-weight’s been going down, too, according to hubby’s technoscales. And I have some nice looking graphs to show for it.

Today, I’m getting some laundry done

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Last week off my feet

It’s Wednesday of the last week I’m supposed to stay off my sore foot. Come Monday, the crutches go back to the chemist’s and I pretty much have to clean up after all of the slobs who left everything to the forces of entropy.

I’m already gnashing my teeth.

Right now, whenever I put weight on to my sore foot, it hurts like there’s something sharp stuck in the heel. It probably

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