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Challenge #02997-H074: For Neurochemical Imbalances

A level 3 deathworlder has to come bail their human out of jail again! The human has an arm band showing they are currently battling a mental health issue. The poor person is an addict undergoing treatment and had escaped from the care center. The havenworlder medic at the caretaker's side sighs, shaking their head as the human is dealing with a major hangover. Helping addicts clean up is so incredibly frustrating! Sure the work is rewarding, but it's no wonder the caretakers of these poor souls see their therapists so frequently. -- DaniAndShali

Every Human has their problems, and Human Mal had one of the more destructive ones. Addiction. Ordinarily, the red and purple armband should have gained a contact to security regarding which abused substances should have been monitored but... every addict knows where to get a fix, and every station has its seedy underbelly where such transactions occur.

Human Mal was in pain. They self-medicated to alleviate that pain with a substance ill-advised for the purpose. When the actual pain was gone, they faced the pain of withdrawal and therein lay the rub. Though they recognised intellectually that the chemicals involved were a very bad idea, the actual bodily consequences occasionally overwhelmed rational thought.

They just needed one little dose to take the edge off. Just enough to ease the pain. Just one little dose. Of course, they were neither desperate enough nor silly enough to try and get the stuff from legal avenues; and they were wily enough to both escape notice and seek out the seedier avenues of the station. The problem with all of this was, of course, the morning after.

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