Challenge #03441-I153: One Picnic Date in Sunlit Park

I noticed in the stories she talks about a cruel master. Yet in the stories when she started, she was rescued as an infant in the creches when the factory that made beings like her, selling them as slaves, was found by the CRC and shut down. Was she kidnapped and abused at one point?

internutter744 hours ago

That is because I forgot my own continuity XD

Gonna have to sandwich in an abuser at some point blargh. -- DaniAndShali

Lillicoon spent forty-eight hours in the Foster Home. On the morning of the third, she was told, "Pack your things, we have a bidder."

The key problem, she found out much later, was that the CRC had a sudden influx of Uplifted infants and not enough homes willing to host them. Even the eternally wanting sea of potential parents was tested to snapping.

This particular foster place was a foster house in name only. They always had one more spot for a needy child, but they never seemed to have any children. They were always out. Out playing with friends, out on extracurricular activities, out at a sleepover. That is, if they were asked.

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