Friday, Bad Air Day

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is kicking my butt. Double doses on the preventer, a dose on Max, and I still feel like I'm breathing through a narrow tube. Bleh.

It's Friday, so my Bare Minimum PLN is clean out the Catio.

The good news is that I made it five minutes on the OPEP this morning so I get another go at about lunchtime. If I remember. I want to remember because -dangit- it's hard to breathe and OPEP clears the clinker.

Asthma sucks.

When I sit down to catch what little breath I have, I shall work on either dungeon or Alfarell or (very likely) the pro version of A Devil's Tale. No pressure. Minimum of five chambers, or one article respectively. There's no minimum on A Devil's Tale, I just go there for fun times and angst juice.

So I give you story, and work on other content. It was nice to not have expectations this morning. Going at my own pace was lovely.

And first on my things to do is kiss Beloved for helping me with the parenting today.

Gonna do that just after I post today's tale.