Challenge #03442-I154: By Invitation Only

"Move to the Tropics?! Are you suicidal?"

"No, I just found a way to be me..."

Inspired by this post. link text -- AmberFox

[AN: Coconut water makes an excellent blood plasma replacement (and sports drink) but not total blood replacement. If you want vegan vampires, you're going to have to add Vegan Haeme(tm) which is a thing that now exists because UnMeat does. I'm a writer, I research things for fun]

Little-known fact: Well-fed vampires have no problem with sunshine. Often misunderstood fact: Coconut water can replace blood plasma whenever needed. Recent fact: Scientists have discovered how to make fake blood out of vegetable-based sources.

Dontgointothat Resort is very modern. Lots of light, lots of glass, lots of abundantly verdant plants. Swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, you name it. However, the bar has one very specialty item for its exclusive clientele.

"Three Bloody Lizzies and a Slow Comfortable Double-Entendre in the Dark for table thirteen."

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