Thursday, Appointments and Such

I need to book Jolie in for her dental check-up. I need to talk to my quack about flu shots and Rona booster(s). I also need to get a wriggle on with Miss Chaos' NDIS horseshit so we can sign her on to SLES [School Leavers Employment Service].

I have been procrastinating on such for TOO long. And according to other parentals of other disabled kids, we have to find the case manager ourselves.

What. The. Shit.

FUCKing red tape horseshit how is anyone supposed to just know this the system is rigged against anyone getting in because right-wing DIPSHITS are afraid of one "faker" getting something they think they don't deserve...

...rant rave foam cuss fume...

I shall do the appointment things at the appropriate time, but I need my Beloved and Miss Chaos nearby to do the NDIS stuff because scary firkin paperwork.

I've been sleeping longer, which means the imbalance of my mental nonsense has tipped towards Depression rather than Anxiety. Yay.

On full Anxiety mode, the best I can hope for is four hours' sleep. On pure Depression, there's no such thing as enough sleep. But never fear! I shall soon be anxious about all the content I'm not producing and back on not enough REM sleep to function. One day, the seesaw may actually balance in my favour, but I doubt it.

I have other plns for today. Bare minimums of goals. One month of Instants tagged for the app, five rooms decorated and set up for my players to dragon in. If I get ten, I shall have a treat of some sort.

IDK what it will be, but it will be treat.

Also on my goals is rowing and a training session on my OPEP.

Why is it that Thursday has become the day to do everything? I know, it's the day I left blank for such things.

I do this to myself.

Why do I hurt myself?