Sunday, Recovery???

I've cancelled my streams today because Lurgi. And recovery time is exactly what this little bean needed.

I was awake sometime around 6 when I got an email from MeMum declaring it to be Monday. I had been intermittently napping and waking all day, so this momentarily made me believe that I'd slept through an entire day.

Fun moment.

Quick calendar check and an email exchange later, we both know what day it is. Yay.

I'm still determined to take things easy. And another fun event for some more context.

  • Announced I had Swampy Head to the QPP
  • Beloved asked me what I needed
  • Sent her the recipe for Shandy(tm)
  • And then she asked me what I'd like
  • I basically said chips and ice cream
  • She sent me half a larder of treats and a lasagna

So today, my plns are real small. I eat treats, make my offerings, and slob around.

Offerings very soon.