Challenge #04136-K118: Essential Knowledge

The human and their beloved Gyiik companion opened a restaurant together. Their love taught them how to cook, they taught their beloved Gyiik how to set up for safe, human, parties. -- Anon Guest

"Economies of scale," lectured Sous Anne, displaying plates on the table before Thag the Gyiik. "A Gyiikish dinner plate is a Human share platter. A Gyiikish snack is a Human meal. A Human meal is a Havenworlder share platter, and our snacks are their meals. As for Havenworlder snacks," a tiny little plate, roughly the size of a dipping sauce bowl.

"Those have a use?" boggled Thag.

"Humans have a similar one for soy sauce when we have sushi. That's not the point. The point is that the tasting menu has to contain enough for the guest to taste, but not as much as to overwhelm them. We both love food, but nobody can love food on a Gyiikish level but your fellow Gyiiks."

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