Saturday, Lurgi and Luncheon

The thing that is going around has finally roosted on me. Chills, lethargy, one bout of gastro, and the good old ever-reliable head swamp.

Beloved and Adorable are also effected with The Bug so there's no parkrun for us. We need at least another week before we can try. So much for our plans for South Bank/West End followed by a Markets Stroll(tm).

For those of you wondering about Markets Stroll(tm)... you go to the farmer's/crafters/weekend market stalls and stroll around looking and shopping. Unsuitable Food is definitely involved.

But since we all have Lurgi, those plans are on hold.

I shall do my wrist stretchies, pick out an outfit, feed the cats, wash, mostly dress, torture the feet, and then see how much time is left before I go meet my lovelies for a far more leisurely luncheon.

If I go at all.

I'm on that borderline between "I can do this" and "Ugh nope" and the swamp head isn't helping. I might have to spend the entire day on my lonely with soup and tissues.

Baby steps.

First, my stretchies.

Which means one more half a chapter into the ever-growing WIP.