Challenge #04135-K117: Baby Steps

Vrax became closer to the badly harmed human. Introducing them to individuals who, though they didn't wear the uniforms, were highly trained therapists. It would take a long time, and a lot of careful, gentle, care. But this human was going to get the help they needed, even if it was in a round-about manner at first. -- Anon Guest

Nobody went homeless in the Alliance. Even if they chose not to avail themselves of the public services. There was always somewhere to take up a residence. If someone is found sleeping on a public bench, they're simply offered a place in a niche hotel[1] for the evening.

Nobody is punished for having nothing. If such a lack is revealed, the public services are offered.

Aunties are one such free-roaming services. They have a neighbourhood to patrol and regular residents to check on. Most people know to ask for help when they need it. Some need a little encouragement to recognise that they need help. One... believed they didn't deserve help. That's who Unty Vrax was working with.

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